Feb 14 2014

my valentines

%champagnepicnic %blogHappy Valentine’s Day my little love bugs!  I hope you are all spending this day doing something that you LOVE doing!  Mike and I are staying in and cooking a nice dinner and having adult cocktails (cabernet for me and my specialty old fashioned for him) as well as some chocolate covered strawbs and some sweet sweet lovin.  JK MOM…. ?!  It will be a nice break from digging our cars out of the snow and working late nights which consumed our week this week.   Tomorrow night we are going to go out to dinner instead of tonight.  I always feel that when we go out to dinner on Valentine’s Day, it just doesn’t feel right.  It always feels like you are lined up in tables of two, next to all of the other couples, and the whole atmosphere of the restaurants seems thrown off and forced (in our city anyway).  So we like to avoid the restaurants the night of, and will wine and dine tomorrow.  What do you guys have planned?  Anything special?  Anything not so special?  Last year, I created a Valentine’s Day ‘Go To Guide’ for all my single ladies which you can revisit here.  Whatever you’re up to, have a good weekend!  Thanks for always stopping by!

image via studio diy (supes cute idea BTW)

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