Jan 17 2013

are you for scuba?

%champagnepicnic %blogFor some reason last night, I put this picture in a post and wrote “are you for scuba?” underneath it.  Perhaps it was the 4 glasses of wine I had just drank.  I decided to go with it since you know what – I am for scuba.  Sometimes in the dead of winter, when its freezing cold and you are sick of wearing outfits that only consist of tights and boots – you begin to daydream about warmer days.  All my celeb friends are off on their resort vacations and I am stuck in the cold.  So I will use today to pretend that I am on a vacation of my own.  I am also kind of hungover from all my cock-tailing last night so this “vacation” is needed.  I even attached my own sexy scuba photo because I think this girl may be my twin.  Do you see the resemblance?

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