Nov 12 2014

Crest 3d White Whitestrips: After

%champagnepicnic %blogCrest challenge complete peeps!  Make sure you go read my previous post, which shows you my photos before I started the Crest 3D White Whitestrips challenge.  I used them everyday for 2 weeks, for an hour each day – super easy.  I basically put them on each night when I was doing things around the house – organizing my closet (my worst chore) or doing the dishes (my second worst chore).  You pretty much forget the strips are on your teeth since they aren’t a bother at all.  I mean, my smile is really blinging you guys.  Who even uses the word blinging?  I don’t know, but its how I feel about my teeth at this very moment.  Not sure my teeth have ever been this white before – for serious.  Its kind of embar that I didn’t do this little jig before our wedding.  But it doesn’t matter, now I am a hot wife with white hot teeth – YEAH!  Can you see the difference?  I feel like I really can.

P.S. – if you haven’t already seen, I chopped all of my hair off.  So these photos are the last you will see with these long luscious locks for a while.  RIP 12 inches of my hair and another lady’s hair because I had extensions.  RIP.

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Nov 10 2014

upholstery that pops

Last year, we moved into a new house.  This year, we moved into a new house.  WTF, I know.  If you read this post, you can get some more info on that debacle but in the meantime lets talk about all of the design lessons I learned from this experience.  One of them was buying furniture that only fits the space that you bought it for.  Case and point – we bought a giant, comfy sectional sofa that fit perfect in our old living room.  New living room – not so much.  Mike and I are city people, so owning versatile, apartment sized furniture is a must.  The pieces we buy need to be adaptable so they can work in different rooms if we need them to.  I need to make smarter design decisions at this point in my life since we don’t own a home yet.  Not that owning a home means you can make awful design decisions (don’t do that).  Homeowners just have a little bit more security when purchasing furniture and art for their home than renters do.

I have been trying to be more careful when picking out furniture for our new house.  I have been eying pieces that are statement makers, that I really, really love and can always find a spot somewhere in a new home.  The furniture and decor I have been drooling over lately have lots of color – navy velvet sofas, ikat printed ottomans, over-dyed rugs, and the list goes on and on.  I just want to ensure no matter what I buy for this house will be able to translate to the next.  You would think I should probably pick muted, neutrals right?  No, thank you.  I love a good statement piece.  Although we did buy this sofa in a super neutral hue so we don’t have any problems in the couch space next time.  Here are some of my favorite statement making pieces for our home right now.

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Nov 9 2014

Crest 3d White Whitestrips: Before

%champagnepicnic %blogSo I am generally not a teeth whitener.  I brush my teeth twice a day, and sometimes pretend to floss when I am going to the dentist soon. I’ve always used whitening toothpaste, but I have never really gone out of my way to buy any type of whitening kit in the past.  I guess I should consider doing some whitening regimens from time to time since I am a regular coffee and red wine drinker but it just has always been one of those things that didn’t cross my mind.  Plus, I felt like my teeth were pretty white on their own.

So when Crest asked me to try their “2 Weeks to your Whitest Smile” challenge, I figured I would give it a go, especially since Crest is my go to brand for toothpaste anyway.  Now that I have finished my challenge, I am sharing my journey with you right here on CP.  These photos were taken before I started using the new Crest 3D White Whitestrips Luxe Supreme Flexfit & 3D Glamorous White toothpaste.  By the way, you can thank Fergie for the reason I know how to spell glamorous (literally singing her song as I type the word).  Anyway, I am pretty stunned by the results after only 2 weeks of using the strips.  My teeth were noticeably whiter within a few days of consistent use.  I would totally use these again, especially when I have an event coming up (wish I did this for my wedding), or just on the reg to have the whitest smile in town.  I am going to be sharing photos on instagram of the results as well as the after photos here on the blog so you can see the true difference in my smile.  I would love to hear your teeth whitening tricks since I am so new to the teeth whitening game.%champagnepicnic %blog%champagnepicnic %blog%champagnepicnic %blog%champagnepicnic %blog