Apr 1 2014

how can you have it all?

%champagnepicnic %blogI’m writing this post after being at work for the past two days from 7AM – 7PM.  These past two days (and honestly the past two months), I have been focusing on getting the most out of my career.  I got a new job at the beginning of February and have been putting my all into it.  Because I want to.  I really like what I am doing and am good at what I am doing.  So my focus has been there.  But I have a life outside of my job.  So when I leave the office, my focus needs to be elsewhere.

What am I going to make for dinner?  A question on my mind every evening on my way home from the office.  It has been easier over the past few weeks since I made it a point to plan out recipes and grab the specific ingredients I needed from the grocery store in advance.  But after putting so much energy into my time at work, how do I come home and WANT to make that gourmet meal that I have all of the ingredients for?  How do I make a meal that is healthy and delicious and pinterest worthy?

I got home late tonight and despite a long and stressful day, prepped and made a delicious meal.  While I was in between roasting asparagus, boiling water, and chopping  vegetables, I grabbed some free weights so that I could get in a small work out after we ate.  I didn’t have time for a full work out today, but I need to do something, right?  How do I get up the energy to go outside and go for a run?  Or make it to the gym for an hour or so before coming home and cooking?

While eating a salad at my desk this afternoon, I perused some of the latest online sales and Spring collections that have just been released from my favorites brands and sites.  I am in desperate need of a shopping trip to update my wardrobe for the season and also seriously need to reorganize and revamp my closet for the warmer months.  This one seems to get put on the back burner over other, more “in your face” needs like making dinner, doing the dishes, doing laundry, walking the dog etc.  How do I build and maintain a wardrobe that I am proud of from season to season and continue to keep it constantly organized and up to date?

Speaking of organizing, that immaculate home that I am trying to build and maintain?  It is a slow process for sure, though bit by bit I am creating the rooms I envisioned in our newest space.  Keeping those spaces organized, dusted, swept, and sanitized is another story though.  How do I come home from work to that perfectly decorated and clean home that I envision?  How do I always have that made bed, fresh flowers, and candles burning kind of home?

I have also been focusing way more on my beauty routine since we are less than 6 months away from the wedding (ahhh!).  This includes morning and evening teeth whitening and facial routines that involve exfoliating, cleansing, serums, moisturizers, and more moisturizers.  How do I keep up with all of the recommended treatments and newest beauty regimens on a daily basis?  Where do I get the extra time?

How do I come home from work every night and have a great conversation with my significant other?  And keep that spark alive like when we first met?  And continue to surprise each other and do little sweet things for each other when there are so many other things that are going on in my life?  In both of our lives.  How do I come home and feel sexy after a long day at work when all I want to do is put on sweatpants and slippers and have a glass of wine on the couch?

The only relationship in my life is not the one with my fiance.  My family is spread out all over the East Coast, dozens of friends that I grew up with that are now dispersed all over the world, and many of my friends live right here in my own city.  How do I keep all of my far away friends close so that we don’t slip away from each other and out of each others lives?  How do I make time for all of my friends that live in the same city as we grow older and start wanting different things?

I am in no way complaining about the “busy-ness” that I create for myself in my own life and this post isn’t meant to come off as complaining.  I am truly happy about how busy I am.  But tonight I found that I was asking myself – how can I have it all?  How can I be successful, stylish, skinny, pretty and organized?  How can I be the best fiance, the best friend, the best daughter, the best sister?

How can you have it all?  The answer is you can’t.  I KNOW that I can’t, but I still find myself wanting it.  I think it is okay to strive for perfection and set high goals for myself, as long as I am not beating myself up if my life isn’t always perfect.  To me, it is more about the give and take from each portion of my life.  When my career is doing well – my closet gets a little disorganized, and when my house gets a deep clean – I might not cook a big meal that day.  For me, it is about finding the best balance.  And as long an I don’t get to a tipping point, then I am happy.

How do you guys find the best balance in your lives?  I definitely feel like there are things I can do that will help keep me from straying too far in one direction, I would love to hear your thoughts!

P.S.  If I am finding it hard to maintain a totally balanced life now, I don’t even know what it is going to be like if we ever decide to have kids!  BAH!!

image via dear monet

Mar 5 2014

color on my mind: pale blue

%champagnepicnic %blog

TOP // TED BAKER dress // REPETTO flats // C.WONDER throw // MOSCHINO flamingo sweater // MOSCHINO skirt // THE ROW sunglasses // JENNY PACKHAM earrings // DEBORAH LIPPMAN blue orchid polish // REISS sweater // ALDO necklace // TOPSHOP button down // KRISTIN CAVALLARI safety pins // GIANVITO ROSSI pumps // FOREVER 21 bow // SCOTCH & SODA tee // TOPSHOP socks //

BOTTOM // RIVER ISLAND satchel // EQUIPMENT button down // HUNTER boots // ALEXANDER WANG pants // RAY-BAN sunglasses // TIBI skirt // DACHSHUND pillow // NIKE sneakers // TOPSHOP dress // JIGSAW coat // TORY BURCH coat // TOPSHOP sweater // BLISS HOME print // JONATHAN ADLER sofa // MARC JACOBS watch //

So for the past few weeks, I have been gravitating towards everything pale blue.  I bought this sweater from J.Crew (now on sale!) and I even painted my nails a pale blue even though blue nails is kind of against my religion (girl religion, that is).  I have had to stop myself from buying pale blue throw pillows for our couch since I could probably run a throw pillow shop out of my house at this point.  Also, this color is actually representing how my soul feels right now – cold and icy.  I can’t believe we had another snow storm and I am so ready for spring to be here.  And although my bones are STILL cold, these pale blue pieces have been bringing some light pastels into my life.  This color blue is a very classic color that you normally find on button downs and denim, however, many designers and brands have given this light blue hue new life in coats, dresses, shoes, accessories, and even sofas.  Blue is truly one of my favorite colors and I am excited about the fresh outlook I will have with some of these items added to my wardrobe.

What do you guys feel about pale blue?

Feb 25 2014

SJP amazingness

%champagnepicnic %blog%champagnepicnic %blog%champagnepicnic %blogI am sure all of you have heard by now because if not, then you have been living under a rock or have decided to let your deep obsession with the ladies of Sex and the City fall by the wayside, which is very, very rude I might add.  Not only was I a slave to the show in the days it was on but I find myself visiting the HBO section OnDemand in order to indulge for a third, fourth, fifth time around on any given episode.  And to be honest, I’ve probably watched them each more than that… haven’t you?  Anyway, lets get to the goods.  SJP has done it.  She has done what we all have been wanting and dreaming of for years and for our entire lives before we even knew we had lives.  DESIGNED HER OWN SHOE LINE.  Could you die anymore?  I can’t either.

The shoes, as expected, are truly, truly ahmazing.  This first line consists of mainly heels (obviously) and is very feminine and colorful.  I feel the line is very “Carrie” but I hate saying that because its obv SJP who is the designer and real life woman.  Although, I feel she always infused a lot of herself into her SATC character, no?  It shows in the shoes.  SJP has only revealed photos of the collection of her collection on instagram (pretty crazy how an entire brand can be built on instagram these days, huh?).  From what has been shown to us so far, you can see the line is designed in Italy and the SJP logo is clearly displayed.  It also looks like there is a bag collection in the works from the look of this photo.

In the past few weeks, she has been posting photos as she began counting down to the launch of the collection where she is hosting a pop-up shop in NYC in collaboration with Nordstrom.  All you NYC gals better be there – although I am sure it will be a mob scene.  The shoes and other “wardrobe must haves” also launch online at midnight pacific (3am EST).  I suspect this will be one of those “get them before they are all gone” type of thing.  A few lucky Nordstrom stores across the USA will be getting some in store, although my closest locations are being left out (BOO!).

Price point to snag a pair is from $195 (for a pair of flip flops) to upwards of $425 for a pair of strappy sandals.  Not really surprising, to be honest.  So what are you all thinking of the collection?  Are you going to make the mad dash to your closest Nordstrom or stay up all night to order?

images via SJP instagram